Yarmouth Leads the Province in Tourism Growth


According to statistics released by TourismNS, Yarmouth leads the province in year-over-year growth in tourism. Tourism to Yarmouth and the Acadian Shore region of Nova Scotia grew by over 9% in 2018, representing millions of additional dollars for Yarmouth businesses and thousands of tourists visiting the area.

Vital to this growth is the return of the Cat ferry, which provides an essential connection between Nova Scotia and Maine. Statistics clearly show that visitors who come by ferry stay longer and spend more money than those who visit by car.

Yarmouth is a great destination to visit for many reasons. It now provides a jumping-off point for those travelling to Maine and the United States, and the town itself is a hub for South Shore shopping and dining. Yarmouth is dotted with quaint cafés and pubs and has many locally run hotels to stay at.

Yarmouth is being presented with a great opportunity- one its neighbours in Maine have been taking advantage of for decades. To become one of Canada’s tourism hotspots. With solid leadership and investments, Yarmouth has a real shot at prosperity through tourism, and may someday become the “Bar Harbour” of Canada. 

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