To the Stars! Canada’s First Spaceport Approved for Canso, NS


A Nova Scotian startup just got the green light to build Canada’s first Spaceport in the small town of Canso. According to the CEO of Maritime Launch Services, shovels in the ground are expected this summer.  Could the Strait Area become Canada’s headquarters for exploring the final frontier?

The project is being spearheaded by “Maritime Launch Services“, led by CEO Steve Matier. If all goes to plan, the site should be able to launch payloads of up to 5,000 kilograms into low Earth orbit (LEO). 

Not unsurprisingly, Greenpeace and Greenpeace affiliated groups are upset at this announcement. Their very understandable concerns include:

– The fact that rocket fuel used at similar facilities is very toxic

– Debris falling from the sky after a launch

– The effect rockets will have on local wildlife

Artist's rendering of Spaceport facilities
Artist’s rendering of Spaceport facilities

If all goes to plan, Guysborough county may become the “Cape Canaveral” of Canada. According to Matier, half-a-billion worth of clients have already been lined up, awaiting construction which the company predicts will be completed by 2021. 

More information about MLS can be found on their website:

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