The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back


Let’s be honest; paper straws are the worst. They disintegrate after about 30 seconds of use and are almost impossible to unwrap. Also, from an environmental standpoint, how exactly are they better? They are always wrapped up in some elaborate paper packaging, and the clear-cutting and processing needed to make them is probably at least as bad as plastic straws. Just ask the people of Pictou County about the environmental effects of the paper business.

Paper straws are so horrible that some customers at McDonald’s in the UK are requesting their dollar drinks be covered with coffee lids. What has this world come to?

So far, only one fast food chain in the HRM has adopted paper straws. I’m looking at you, A&W! I suspect any drop in franchise revenues from the chain has something to do with the introduction of the paper monstrosities and not their still-delicious burgers.

As an environmentally conscious citizen, the solution seems clear. Biodegradable plastic exists. It is usually made of algae or something like that. I wouldn’t mind using a more sustainable straw, in fact, that would be awesome! But paper straws? No way JosĂ©.

Edit: Cheese Curds in Clayton Park also use paper straws. Please just use lids or go back to plastic until you can find biodegradable straws that don’t annoy your customers.

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