The Nova Scotia NDP is Sprinting Into Irrelevance​


Gary Burrill has been successful in taking the Nova Scotia NDP out of the mainstream of Nova Scotia politics, and towards hard-left socialism. All pretences of fiscal responsibility and good governance have been dropped in favour of ludicrous spending proposals and vapid, bumper-sticker “promises”.

The 2017 election was seen by some as a good result for the Provincial NDP. In reality, it represented their worst popular vote showing in 26 years.

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The loss of Dave Wilson in 2018 represented a huge blow to the legitimacy of the party. Unlike the opposition PCs, the Nova Scotia NDP now have no members with any actual experience in cabinet, allowing to party to drift further into fantasy-land. The loss of Wilson’s seat to the PCs goes to show that Nova Scotians, even in a traditional NDP stronghold, have abandoned the party en masse.

Source: Elections Nova Scotia

The provincial NDP has abandoned the only message that ever led to any form of electoral success. Prior to the rise of Darrell Dexter and Robert Chisholm, the Nova Scotia NDP was always relegated to irrelevance. The only message that has ever worked for the provincial NDP was one of pragmatism. Pragmatism doesn’t mean an abandonment of their core values like social justice and labour rights. Instead, a pragmatic message tries to appeal to as many people as possible, not just a small minority of hard-left ideologues.

The “smart” faction of the party that understands this fact have almost all left. This includes Dave Wilson, departed NDP president Bill Matheson and former Vice-President Judy Swift.

Swift’s criticism of Gary Burrill are scathing.

From an The Coast:

“His focus on what he believes to be a ‘mission’—which might otherwise be a good characteristic—has become a liability which blinds him to his own shortcomings and hypocrisy,” she writes. “It has led him to inhabit a Trump-like world of alternate facts.”

In order for the NDP to return to relevance they need a new leader. The party is back down to 5 seats, and needs a new vision that includes more than just people on the hard-left and labour bosses.

Side note:

Why did the NDP opt to swap an awesome logo for a horrible one. As a student of graphic design, this perplexes me.

Former NDP Logo

The former NDP logo is creative, modern and sleek.

The current NDP logo looks like it was made in Microsoft Word. The flag looks like it was lifted from a stock image site. This logo is undoubtedly as bad as the PC logo (and that’s saying something). Also, in the interest of bipartisanship, I will concede the NS Liberal logo is also nothing to write home about. The former NDP logo was probably the best provincial political logo of all time.

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