Ranked: Halifax’s Top 5 Taco Shops


Take a taco tour of Halifax with our list of the 5 best taco shops in Halifax

5. Taco Lina’s

Some of the best authentic tacos in Halifax. Also one of the best restaurants on Agricola (and that’s saying something).

4. Tako Loco

The newest player in the Halifax taco game brings authentic flavour and reasonable prices. Worth a try!

3. Gecko Bus / Habaneros

The Gecko Bus has become a perennial favourite. The food is great, and the setting is hilarious. Whoever though of turning a school bus into Gecko deserves some sort of reward… maybe unlimited tacos of life?

2. Verano’s

One of Halifax’s hidden gems. Worth a trip downtown to try one of their tacos (they are awesome!).

  1. Antojo’s Tacos

You can’t beat Antojo’s bang for the buck. You also can’t compete with their atmosphere. And the food is absolutely to die for.

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