Nova Scotia’s Unemployment Just Hit a Record Low of 6.5%


21,500 jobs have been created in our province since 2013, resulting in billions of dollars in additional economic activity.

Nova Scotia’s economy has added billions to GDP and exports in recent years, driving the unemployment figure down to the lowest ever recorded rate. The key factors behind this growth include increased immigration and a favourable investment outlook.

Prudent Fiscal policy has also contributed to our growth, with our credit rating being positively affected by four years of balanced budgets. Our long-term plan to pay off our provincial debt and cap deficit spending seems to be paying off, making the government more able to put money into innovative programs.

Canadian Money
Canadian Money

The national economy also added thousands of jobs in May, and the national unemployment rate is also hovering around all-time lows. Canada and other major economies are experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, and rising interest rates do not appear to be hindering this growth. Let’s hope these trends continue into the foreseeable future! 

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