Nova Scotia is Crushing the Ivany Report Goals


At the time, the goals set out by the Ivany Report looked difficult, if not impossible. Unexpectedly, Nova Scotia has beaten and surpassed many of the goals, years ahead of schedule.

The first goal in the Ivany Report was to “increase interprovincial migration to a net positive of 1,000 per year”. In 2012, Nova Scotia lost 3,000 people to interprovincial migration. As of 2018, Nova Scotia is gaining around 2,000 people per year due to interprovincial migration.

Source: Wikimedia

Halifax is very well known for it’s many universities. International students come from every corner of the globe to study here, but we have historically had a hard time convincing them to stay. One of the goals in the Ivany Report was to “increase the rate of retention of international students to over 10%”. In 2011, the retention rate was an abysmal 4.1%.

As of 2018, 12.9% of foreign students who come to study here stay. That not only crushes the Ivany Report goal, but represents a tripling of the amount of university graduates who stay in our province. No wonder the start-up scene in Halifax is booming.

Seafood exports have more than doubled since 2010, easily exceeding the Ivany Report targets. Our debt-to-GDP ratio is declining, a reflection of solid fiscal policy and good economic management. We are on track to meet the debt reduction goals set out by the Ivany Report.

Will we meet all the goals set out by the Ivany Report? Maybe, but probably not. What is most significant is that the goals we are meeting are the ones we where not expected to meet, which is great news.


  1. Yes, improving is all pretty much for Halifax, but the report recommended that the sustainability for rural areas hinged largely on taking advantage of our natural resources. Not much room for improvement in forestry, fishing or farming, but the mining industry has great potential. Unfortunately the NS government is constantly increasing the roadblocks and hurdles for exploration and mining in this province. A big failure to make much that could be seen as improvements there.

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