Nanuk Bringing Cutting-Edge VR Tech to Halifax Development Scene


If you’ve driven through Halifax anytime in the past few years, you may have noticed a few new buildings. The skyline of the city has changed and scaled in ways few could have imagined. Halifax is growing and building incredible things. However, most of that is the view from the outside. Most of that is the view from a thousand feet, as it were. What they’ve come to see at Nanuk VR Technologies is that people want to know what things look like, from the inside out.

According to an independent study by Google in 2015, 67% of consumers wanted more virtual tours. Some people think that virtual tours are something that a few technologically-inclined individuals might find novel. The truth is that virtual tours mitigate risk. Virtual tours mean that you can walk through a building years before it’s actually there. You don’t have to imagine what the space would look like with art and pictures on the walls. You don’t have to dream about what it would look like with granite countertops rather than marble. It’s all right in front of your eyes.

VR Rendering of a Grafton Street Property
VR Rendering of a Grafton Street Property

When you can see your future home in front of you, it helps you make decisions with vision and with clarity. A study by the University of Toronto suggests that virtual tours help sell property up to 20% faster. Properties that sell faster sell for more. The longer that a property sits on the market, the less likely it is to sell and the more likely it is that the price will be lowered in order to sell. By mitigating the risk that comes with buying a “sight unseen” home, Nanuk help realtors and developers sell faster and get the right price for their properties.

“When a building has yet to be completed, it’s difficult for people to envision what they are purchasing and fear the unknown. Nanuk VR Technologies makes the unknown safe and real.”

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Mitigating risk also helps to control occupancy rates by helping developers and communities plan for the future. By knowing what properties will be available further ahead of time developers and communities are better equipped to make the right decisions. This is the focal point of Nanuk VR Technologies; equip the people that make and the people who sell with the tools necessary to do their job properly.

Nanuk have recently worked with companies such as Armco, Progeny Modern Homes, Grafton Park, Shannex, Provident, FH Development, they’ve worked with Royal LePage on their offering for real estate agents, “Renders for Agents”, and they are developing relationships with architects to become involved in design and planning at even earlier stages of the development process. Nanuk was also nominated for a 2019 New Business of The Year award and took home the bronze at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

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