Gatineau (Pop: 284,000) is Getting Commuter Rail. Why Can’t Halifax?


Gatineau is about half as big as Halifax, yet a 28-stop LRT system is going to be built over the next 9 years.

The Gatineau LRT will have two connections with the neighbouring Ottawa O-Train system, but the City of Gatineau will be the owner of the system.

As Halifax continues to grow, the possible cost of building out an infrastructure for LRT will only grow. The project in Gatineau shows that LRT is feasible in a city smaller than 1-million, and not impossible from a political standpoint

Halifax did at one point have a streetcar-type LRT system. Unfortunately, it closed decades ago, to make way for some of the broader streets downtown. The method or LRT may be the source of much debate in the future, but the benefits or Light Rail Transit are undeniable.

Map of Halifax Ca. 1910
Map of Halifax Ca. 1910

Expect LRT to be a key issue during the upcoming Halifax Municipal Elections. Polling on the topic isn’t plentiful, but according to polling we’ve done online, there is overwhelming support for LRT among our thousands of readers.

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