Changing the Narrative​ – Our Announcement​


Urban Halifax was started as a challenge to the assumption that Halifax is a city on a path to nowhere.

Over the past few months, our positive message has resonated. In the month of June alone, our content reached a whopping 180,000, 90% of whom live in the Halifax area.

The launch of Urban Halifax’s groundbreaking new website will disrupt the media environment in Halifax. It will be an effective advocate for building a better city.

I am amazed at all of the talent who are interested in writing for us. Our site will have numerous contributors and feature editorials from familiar names. has been built on a solid foundation. From a technical aspect, it is built of steel. It has more than enough bandwidth and can handle incredible traffic.

The goal of this project is to help build a better Halifax. Halifax is turning a corner, but there is still work to do.

We envision a Halifax where kids don’t have to leave to make a living. We envision a modern, cosmopolitan city where artists thrive and small businesses prosper.

Join us in carrying this flag.

John Grant, Founder of Urban Halifax

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