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Halifax born Actor Chase Tang Featured in UN Campaign Alongside Joaquin Phoenix

Chase Tang, a proud Haligonian who spent his early years in Bedford, has a very busy year ahead of him.

Stephen McNeil: Canada’s Most Underrated Premier?

I've watched cynical people govern our province for decades. Politicians who fixated on polls, by-elections and the "political angle"...

How the PPC Uses Twitter Bots & Algorithm​​s to Fake Popular Support

Canadians following the federal election on Twitter have undoubtedly noticed the seemingly disproportionate online Support for Maxime Bernier's "People's Party".

Allowing Uber Will Make Halifax a Better City

Uber is available in almost every other major Canadian city. By not allowing Uber, Halifax is showing itself to be a city...

Changing the Narrative​ – Our Announcement​

Urban Halifax was started as a challenge to the assumption that Halifax is a city on a path to nowhere.

Exclusive: Lenore Zann Talks Politics in Wide-Ranging Interview

Longtime NDP MLA Lenore Zann is quitting provincial politics to seek a federal seat in the riding of Cumberland-Colchester under the...

10 Reasons Why Halifax Needs Commuter Rail

Commuter rail would offer many benefits to our city. Here are a few: 1. It would help reduce...

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