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Why Stephen McNeil is Going to Win a Third Majority Government

Stephen McNeil is on a winning streak. He's won two back to back majority governments, balanced four budgets, and implemented the most...

Halifax born Actor Chase Tang Featured in UN Campaign Alongside Joaquin Phoenix

Chase Tang, a proud Haligonian who spent his early years in Bedford, has a very busy year ahead of him.

Stephen McNeil: Canada’s Most Underrated Premier?

I've watched cynical people govern our province for decades. Politicians who fixated on polls, by-elections and the "political angle"...

How the PPC Uses Twitter Bots & Algorithm​​s to Fake Popular Support

Canadians following the federal election on Twitter have undoubtedly noticed the seemingly disproportionate online Support for Maxime Bernier's "People's Party".

Allowing Uber Will Make Halifax a Better City

Uber is available in almost every other major Canadian city. By not allowing Uber, Halifax is showing itself to be a city...

Changing the Narrative​ – Our Announcement​

Urban Halifax was started as a challenge to the assumption that Halifax is a city on a path to nowhere.

Exclusive: Lenore Zann Talks Politics in Wide-Ranging Interview

Longtime NDP MLA Lenore Zann is quitting provincial politics to seek a federal seat in the riding of Cumberland-Colchester under the...

10 Reasons Why Halifax Needs Commuter Rail

Commuter rail would offer many benefits to our city. Here are a few: 1. It would help reduce...

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