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Allowing Uber Will Make Halifax a Better City

Uber is available in almost every other major Canadian city. By not allowing Uber, Halifax is showing itself to be a city...

The Nova Scotia NDP is Sprinting Into Irrelevance​

Gary Burrill has been successful in taking the Nova Scotia NDP out of the mainstream of Nova Scotia politics, and towards hard-left...

The Number of International Students Staying in NS Has Tripled Since 2011

According to One Nova Scotia, the group formed to measure the progress towards the goals set out in the Ivany Report, Nova...

Nova Scotia’s Seafood Exports Have Doubled Since 2012

Nova Scotian seafood exports now top $2 billion, which represents an increase of over 100% since 2012. This is according to the...

The Rose Bushes on Dunbrack are Being Cut Down for “Safety Reasons”

According to a statement by Councillor Russell Walker, the bushes are too dangerous and need to be removed.

Halifax’s Real Estate Market is Blazing Hot

Huge numbers of people are moving here, and the houses to accommodate them aren't being built fast enough.

Who is Tim Houston?

This man is gunning to be the next Premier of Nova Scotia, but serious questions remain about his past.

Ranked: Halifax’s Top 5 Taco Shops

Take a taco tour of Halifax with our list of the 5 best taco shops in Halifax

Nova Scotia is Crushing the Ivany Report Goals

At the time, the goals set out by the Ivany Report looked difficult, if not impossible. Unexpectedly, Nova Scotia has beaten and...

Changing the Narrative​ – Our Announcement​

Urban Halifax was started as a challenge to the assumption that Halifax is a city on a path to nowhere.

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