10 Reasons Why Halifax Needs Commuter Rail

Commuter rail would offer many benefits to our city. Here are a few


Commuter rail would offer many benefits to our city. Here are a few:

1. It would help reduce traffic.

The Windsor Street Exchange may no longer be a parking lot half of the time if we had commuter rail.

2. It would help the environment

Cars produce a ton of emissions. Commuter rail produces some emissions but would prevent millions of tons of CO2 from getting into the atmosphere.

3. It would reduce sprawl

Commuter Rail would make the downtown more accessible, and make car-reliant suburbs less appealing. Dense cities produce fewer emissions and are generally more close-knit and community oriented.

4. Jobs.

Building out a commuter rail system would create thousands of jobs. Operating the system would also require hundreds of people. This would provide opportunities for countless Haligonians.

5. Lowering the cost of living

Gas is costly. Public transit is almost always cheaper, and having a commuter rail system would encourage thousands of Haligonians to save money by commuting downtown without the need for their gas guzzlers.

6. Safety

Cars are hazardous. Talk to anyone who has ever been in an accident if you have any doubt about that. Commuter rail has the potential to save lives, as car accidents take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year.

7. “Cool factor.”

Commuter rail would be seriously cool. It would show us to be an ambitious, progressive city that is willing to take risks and invest in ourselves.

8. It would save you time

Being stuck in traffic is a huge time waster. Commuter Rail doesn’t have to deal with traffic. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that every 10-or-so minutes a new train will be waiting to rush you to your destination, regardless of how bad “rush hour” is.

9. Encourages a healthier lifestyle

Cars force people to sit. Commuter rail would allow people to get some exercise on the way to catching their train. Every step counts!

10. It will allow you to relax!

Instead of spending 30 minutes stressing out in traffic, commuter rail would make your commute much more relaxing. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let the train take you where you need to be!

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